Contractual basic conditions of coaching

- Coaching-initial meeting

The initial meeting lasts maximum 1.5 hours and is free of charge.

- Coaching cost

For the working hour 80 Euros are charged. There a monthly account is arranged for the 
payment within 20 days from date of billing.

- Back-office works

Summarize digital recordings (photo protocol) of the flip charts/ pin-board results etc. which 
have originated during the session is charged working hour at a rate of 50 Euro. The time 
involved usually amounts to approximately one hour.
This service is able to get in each case ordered by you at the end of a Coaching meeting.

The summary of the coaching meeting in text form is also charged with 50 Euros.
The time involved usually takes approx. two hours. For this optional service the customer 
decides in each case at the beginning of the coaching-session.

Pre-adaptation and post processing

Further prearrangement and evaluation of coaching meetings (reconnoitring, study and development of documents etc.) is charged after previous arrangement with 100 Euro per hour (lesson) excluding expenses and material displays.

Travel time

The travel time is charged according to previous arrangement with 50 Euros per hour.

Travelling expenses

The travelling expenses are subtracted according to previous arrangement as follows:
using public transportation the half price rate of the 1st class, with use of the car 0.40 Euros
per driven kilometre. The cost of catering and refreshments are charge to the customer.


Agreed appointments must be cancelled 24 hours prior to the session at the latest. With later
notice of cancellation or non-appearance 50 Euros are charged for every missing hour.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

The coaching rates are calculated without VAT. Each consultation is basically taxed by
19%. Trainings (seminars, advanced training and further education etc.) are not liable to VAT.

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