Indications for personal coaching:

- Do you have time problems?
- Do you want to make decisions easier? 
- Do you want to improve your communicative abilities? 
- Do you want to have a greater harmony in your family and profession? 
- Do you really want a sustainable change in your life?

If you answer one or more of these questions with YES, you should take a free joint session with one of our coaches. Concerning this you need:

  • Curiosity
  • Acceptance of feedback
  • Reflection
  • Engaging oneself and
  • Achievement of objectives
  • Openness

 to decide whether you are eligible for coaching.  

Achievement of objectives

So that you can solve your concerns and reach the fixed goals by coaching, the following is necessary: 

 > From point of you as a coachee or client

  • Motivation

The solution of your problems, the achievement of your goals is vital for the quality of your life

  • Clarity

You are ready to reformulate vaguely aimed aims into concrete aims and to work on the conversion of these aims between coaching meetings.

  • Experiments

You try and use the "fulfilment structures", given to you as a possession in the coaching

  • Self-reflection

In comprising developing reports and change reports you can reflect the expired process together with the coach 

 > From point of our coaches

  • Live and hands-on experience

Based on substantial professional and personal experience in different areas our coach is able to adapt himself to the very different problem situations of our clients and to support you, to challenge, to stimulate and to accompany in the solution of your issues

  • Process design

He provides for supporting and effective basic conditions, which allow the solution of your problems and a comprehensive achievement of your aims

  • Methods

Depending to client’s problem situation we integrate very different methodical schools into our coaching, e.g. Transactional Analysis (DGTA, German Federation for TA), Neuro-linguistic Programming (DVNLP, German Federation for NLP) and other elements of different communication theories. 


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