Why coaching?

Coaching is an intensive method of consultation in mastering problems and crises or for formulating new personalised solution means, Coaching works on "help to help yourself" principle. The important fact is that you will find a solution for your problems yourself. Only in this way you are strengthened in your solution competence and can help yourselves permanently.

In the first step the client/ coachee clears his (her) aims in the areas of life for him/ herself:

  • Profession/ occupational change/ career
  • Relations/ family
  • Body/ health care
  • Personality/ values
  • Welfare/ recreation

It is difficult to make decisions if you have no goals. Since without a goal every way is right and wrong at the same time. If your objectives are not clear to you thus, you can unfold only about 40% of your own potential.
To build up the goals the personal contents and single goals areas are fixed and a schedule is set up. Perhaps, appearing objective conflicts are cleared since one sometimes simply wants too much: make quick career, spend a lot of time with family, go away a lot, maintain his (her) hobbies intensely ...

Help to help yourself

Of course we also offer single and group coaching for you, in which we can work to completely open your bottlenecks, questions and interests, is this now the development of solutions of problems and conflicts, mental strength, refreshment of potentials resources and creativity, the contact with sturgeon factors, motivation development for an important aim, dealings with fears, difficulties (problems) in relations, discussion of occupational situations, professional reorientation, time management, communication and managerial behaviour, find out balance between occupation (profession) and private life, personality development, presenting without nervousness, strengthening of the self-value, career planning, learning blockades, transforming of visions, professional feedback, team coaching > Prevent on time that problems accumulate.


Coaching-dates are possible during the day and after end of work. The single hours can be agreed in the localities desired by you.


By phone calls and an appointment (date) agreement


Dependent on coach and dependent on subject. The initial meeting is free of charge.
The Coaching takes place in the coaching practice: Erlenlohweg 7, D - 78343 Gaienhofen. 
An on-site coaching is possible within the vicinity of up to 15 km. For an on-site coaching of more than 15 km from the coaching practice is calculated an all-inclusive-rate of 0.40 Euros per driven kilometre is calculated. If the return trip with the German railway, rental car or airplane occurs, these expenses are additionally charged to the customer.

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