We develop the performance ability of organisations and staff. Our portfolio includes, among others, the codifying and implementing of values and objectives, strategic and operative performance and subject to offers from individual coaching to holistic personnel and organisational development strategy. (pls. refer to PDF-document ‘value-based management’ in:




personnel recruitment, personnel selection, and staff evaluation / assessment

personnel development

development of organisation

conceptual support

Cost Management



Service capabilities


Wagner Coaching | Training combines Human Resource and Organisation Consulting with comprehensive training expertise. We apply a holistic 3 P-approach to consultancy work:  Person – Process – Project in System. We can offer tailored solutions along the entire value chain of our clients Our work is completed only when all needs for change have been translated into commercial success, and in an improved employee’s motivation. 


Important questions of our consultancy work



o How do you reach extraordinary results with meagre resources, less time and average skilled employees?

o How does an assessment mistake occur?

o On which employees do you can specially relay on? - Who characterizes him/ herself as a cross thinker ? - Who is integrative, a really team player? - Who appears only lovely and kind ? - Who possess more potential?

o What do your employees lack to fulfil their task much better ? > Organizational and situational performance issues? 

o Which teams do function in your corporation? - Which do not ? - Do you know the reasons for this? - Which social forms of interaction will be choose?

o Where do you take the positive strengthto overcome any obstacles, to launch big ideas and to motivate employees from?




o Who supports you on Management of Change especially if changes are very severe ?

o Which critical timing schedules and a willingness and ability to work under pressure should be aimed at?

o What do you understand by the process ‘leading with new consciousness’ ?

o Which service does exceed customer expectations ? Which one’s not?

o How to make the core processes ? 

o How successful can a change process be or become ?

o At which process is happened a quality loss ?

o How to change leadership culture in corporate under consideration of diverse personalities and leadership styles ?



Project/ System

o Which architecture should be presented as regards the strategy to be pursued for the future?

o Why is corporate culture and development so vitally important?

o What makes your company better than the competitor (unique selling proposition)?

o How important are corporate values in your business (for you)?

o Do your corporate guidelines lose their actuality after the change process?