Quantity of participants: 1 - 2 people

Seminar location

Individual trainings usually take place on site with the customer. Alternatively they are also able carried out in our commercial practice or at the place of your choice.


Day-all-inclusive or hourly-all-inclusive depending on the preparatory expenditure, kind and extent of the participant documents, expenses regulation and location of implementation.

Typical carrying out:

1. Order settlement with the decision makers
2. Clarification of the initial position and the objective 
3. Draft proposal and offer 
4. Definition and preparation of individual training steps and working tools 
5. Training units according to draft proposal 
6. Valuation of the results and debriefing

Value Added Tax (VAT)

- The individual training rates without VAT.
- Each consultation is basically taxed by 19%.
- Trainings (seminars, advanced training and further education etc.) are not liable to VAT.

Because our individual training offer encloses consultation as well as training, the tax duty VAT is fixed for the isolated case or single order in each case and the customer is informed.

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