Our entrepreneurial act is according to the principles of an honourable businessman. We call for: social market economy,

a positive picture of entrepreneurs and the important role of small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME).

We are open for cooperation with a view to exchanging experience as well as formation of networks and partnerships.




... in terms of an open, fair and cooperative attitude that will allow further development in a constructive way, but will also confront, demand and promote you by respectful step-by-step approach.

Appreciation and respect

The coaching, counseling or training takes place in an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and respect.


Confidentiality is the foundation of the counseling relationship. The consultant is obliged to maintain confidentiality of all client matter, that might be come to be known to the consultant during the consultation process.


The consultant is transparent in its operations and its clients can justify this. This is particularly true for contract changes, clarification of roles and methods of use.


The coach, counsellor or trainer remains neutral in his attitude, that is, he tries to take everybody's part for all those involved in coaching, consulting or training process. The coach and consultant is independent and not bound by instructions.


Basis of the work is a clearly written agreement between the coach, consultant and client, in which all relevant conditions for the consultation are clarified transparent.


The coach, consultant or trainer checks in advance whether both parties are able to meet the requirements for the intended targets.