Which subject or which question concerns you in your working environment?

Here are some offered subjects which can support you in your job by training:

How to lead customer talks?

  • What is customer-oriented behaviour?
  • To indicate official achievements/ solutions effectively
  • The phases of the sales talk
  • The importance of good questioning technique
  • Presentation technology in the sales talk
  • Handling objections
  • Dealings with complaints
  • Phone communication 

How to lead staff interviews?

  • Preparation and construction of the staff interview
  • To find the right words
  • The application of questioning technique
  • The praise and criticism conversation
  • The objective and assessment conversation
  • The application conversation and interview
  • Dismissal/ Exit interviews
  • Rational/ Content level and relationship level
  • The importance of body language 

How to increase communication output?

  • To determine formal and informal needs
  • Independent, communicative problem analysis
  • To investigate and to use social relationship structures
  • To understand signals and information behaviour of employees
  • To develop internal communications measures
  • Which vehicles for which measures?
  • To design successfully internal instruments
  • To insert internal resources; to produce new ideas
  • To minimize communication costs 

How do I conduct myself?

  • To identify my own strengths and weaknesses
  • To recognize my own value system
  • My personal targeting and my professional goals
  • Autonomy instead of heteronomy!
  • Balance between self-discipline and creativity
  • How to minimize time pressure, nervousness and stress? 

How to lead employees?

  • How much leadership does make sense and is necessary?
  • Social intelligence and competence
  • Contacts with own emotions
  • Motivation, needs and satisfaction
  • Leadership style and models
  • Task-oriented leadership or target-oriented management?
  • The model of situational leadership

How to guide teams and how to solve conflicts?

  • Group-process and team development
  • The own person in the team
  • The role allocation in my team
  • Decision process in the team
  • Target-oriented working in the team
  • Conflict symptoms and its real reasons
  • Strategies for conflict resolution

How to solve difficult problems?

  • To realize problem definitions as opportunities!
  • Problem solving: the principal approach in 8 steps
  • Creative problem solving methods
  • Tips for decision-making

How to organise my job?

  • My personal labour organization and job organization
  • Right dealings with time budget and planning aids
  • Contact with information in the workplace
  • Efficient use of technology

How to gain control of my time problems?

  • Personal time and activity analysis
  • Right dealings with time budget and planning aids
  • How to set the right priorities?
  • How do I plan my working hours?

How to make a professional presentation?

  • Presentation goal and presentation strategy
  • The six key questions: what – why – whom – how – where – when?
  • Means of visualisation and visualisation methods
  • Design principles and composition of the presentation
  • Presentation strategies
  • The personal effect in presentations
  • Positive handling with stage fright and stress

Conference techniques

  • The preparation of meeting: key to success!
  • Meeting organization: What is important?
  • Instruments and methods for productive meetings
  • Typical problems – proven solution processes
  • Agenda recording
  • Practical media elements
  • Leadership behaviour of the session chairman
  • How to react in difficult situations?

Moderation of workshops

  • Sequences of a effective moderation
  • Visualisation in moderation
  • Intervention methods
  • The "emotional process control" in moderation 

Project management

  • What it is in the project management about?
  • The meaning of good target-settings
  • Problem analyse and problem solving cycle
  • Useful project structure
  • Project organization
    • Of what things I have to think? 
    • How is the functional distribution?
  • Project planning: principles and tools
  • Project survey and project control
  • Team leading and communication


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